Best Exercise Machine to Lose Belly Fat & 10 Most Effective Exercises

which exercise machine is best for losing belly fat

Body shape matters in self-confidence. Many of us would have always thought of getting into shape at least once in a lifetime. The most common desire has always been to get your abdominal region into shape. We have got areas that we wished to be a little different in life. Sometimes, the wish would be to make it big or small or toned and disciplined. Most of such desires are always regarding the belly fat and tummy region reduction. We know you are confused about the best exercises to reduce belly fat and also confused about selecting the best exercise machine to lose belly fat. So if you are looking forward to losing belly fat and having a perfect body, we are here to help you.

Genetics plays a prominent role in creating one’s body, and the body fat doesn’t go into all bodies in an equal manner. For some, the body fat may be accumulated in the thighs, stomach, or any other regions. But what matters is just reducing this fat accumulation and toning your areas. Anyhow, excess fat in the tummy region looks more disturbing and reducing the belly fat becomes necessary for your body’s better aesthetics.

Reducing your Stomach fat – Best Diet

Excess fat can get accumulated anywhere in body regions. If you have excess fat in your stomach region, it doesn’t mean you are overweight or deficient. It is perfectly alright to possess some excess stomach fat. So if you are worried about your belly fat, stay aside from the worries and start working. Also, you have to take care of your diet plan along with the exercises to lose your belly fat. Some believe six-packs to be a result of reduced weight, but it isn’t. You may not be overweight, and to have a six-pack, all you have to do is tone your belly fat and abdominal muscles. But in some cases, you would be overweight and will have to start from weight reduction exercises.

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Calorie Deficit Diet:

So the scene opens up into two: What if you are overweight and what if not. Let us start with the first case where you are overweight. You will have to start exercising and have diets for weight reduction. Anyhow it doesn’t even matter if you are not overweight. The primary objective is to follow a calorie deficit diet.

What is a calorie deficit diet? Is it the best diet to reduce your belly fat? A calorie deficit diet is nothing but an equation to be followed. Increase your Calorie output through exercise compared to your calorie input through diet. It would be best if you went for calorie reduction in diet and more calorie loss through activities, summing up a calorie deficit diet.

Best Exercises to lose belly fat

The keystone process of reducing your Belly fat is exercising itself. But will it be efficient with usual home exercises? The answer is a big NO. Exercising just on your limbs won’t help you to achieve a significant result. Trained practice with professional and right equipment would allow you to achieve better results. In other words, if you want to win a battle, ‘hard work and skill’ alone won’t help you. You should possess the best equipment so that you won’t be outdated in the great fight. Let us first get into self exercises that can be done to increase the reduction of belly fat.

Direct impact abdomen exercises

  • Low impact moderate exercises like sit-ups for less quantity of time – It would just act like starters. This won’t be helping in reducing the belly fat. But it would certainly help to make the muscles strong and flexible and acts as a starter exercise for burning your belly fat.
  • High-impact abdomen exercises with repetitions and increased quantity – This one is significant as it helps build tissues even during sleep leading to belly fat burning. Anyhow going for high-impact exercise won’t be a piece of cake, and you will have to get used to it in a week.

Indirect Impact Exercises

  • Going on with abdomen exercises only won’t help. We will have to look at the big picture and start exercising for other regions of the body.
  • Stretching exercises and Cardiovascular exercises help burn visceral fat and subcutaneous fat, which indirectly reduces abdominal fat.

Russian Twists

  • Four main abdominal muscle groups are present in your body – The Transverses Abdominis, Rectus Abdominis, External oblique muscles, and internal oblique muscles.
  • These exercises help stress all the four abdominal muscle groups plus your neck, lower and upper back.

Plank and Side Plank 

  • Workout positions affect the whole body, and it belongs to the indirect impact exercise group for reducing belly fat.

Best 5 Exercise Machine to Lose Belly fat

Knowing the best gym equipment for belly fat reduction is a plus point, as mat exercises alone can never be satisfying. If you are not good at home workouts, there are many ways to work out by hitting your nearby gym and using the right machines at the gym. So which are the best exercise machine to lose belly fat? The answer is below:

  1. Cardio machines

    1. Stair Climber
    2. Rowing Machine
    3. Treadmill
    4. Elliptical Trainer
    5. Fan Bike
  2. The Captain’s Chair
  3. Sit up Bench
  4. Resistance Machines
  5. Ab Machine


The most commonly used exercise machine for belly fat burning belongs to cardio machine classification. When we use cardio machines, the first fat to get burnt is dangerous visceral fat. Later the subcutaneous fat also gets burnt. Cardio machines also come with interesting interval timing exercise modes. You can adjust the intervals and intensities in equipment.

    • Aim for a minimum of 60 minutes works out in these machines.
    • Set suitable interval times to avoid fatigue.
    • Change to high and low-intensity modes suitably.
    • Use 1-minute high-intensity mode and 1-minute low-intensity alternate technique for better results.
    • Continue exercise in fixed intervals and have cooldown time after ten or twenty repetitions.
    • Cooldown time is to be taken as belly fat needs to burn out. Don’t rigorously continue exercise without cooling time.
    • The treadmill, Elliptical trainer, Step Mill, Ergometer, Indoor cycle, and rowing machine belong to the cardio machine classification.
    • Vary to different cardio machines in fixed intervals to avoid boredom.
    • Varying the cardio machines helps to keep workout sessions enjoyable and also keeps your body challenged.

step mill to lose belly fat

They are often called step mills and provide the effect of climbing upstairs. Although it would seem pleasantly sweet to hear, it is not so simple but an effective one.

    • Full time standing posture and moving make it difficult but highly effective for belly fat burning and lower body strengthening.
    • Great exercise for increasing basal metabolic rate and also strengthens leg muscles.
    • Found to be useful for Insulin generation in gents leading to risk reduction of diabetes.
    • Start with support on bars or arm rails, but remove the backing and do the exercise to burn more calories.
    • You can rest your fingers on arm rails if you cannot balance even after practicing, but don’t exert more weight on the arm rails as it results in less calorie burning.
    • Use alternate technique – one minute in fast mode and one minute in a low-speed mode for better results.
    • Increase the resistance in fixed intervals along with variation in speed resulting in increased fat burning.
    • 35 to 45 steps per minute would give a good workout, and you can continue for 10 to 20 minutes according to your capability.
    • This exercise done in proper posture burns 12 calories per minute.

rowing exercise equipment to lose belly fat

The most popular resident of the gym nowadays is a rowing machine. No other machine provided a total body challenging work out as good as a rowing machine. The exercise is similar to rowing a boat and helps well in reducing belly fat. Probably the best exercise equipment to lose belly fat is this one. The rowing machine exercise is top-rated as it is fun to do, and you can do stress nearly all your body parts just with a sitting posture exercise.

    • Most popular workout machine to lose belly fat among all gym machines.
    • Works using win or water resistance ideology and doing in slow speeds and right posture provides desired results.
    • Don’t go for fast mode as rowing a boat is best at slow speeds only. Take enough time on rowing machines for each stroke.
    • Every stroke is energy-consuming when you do it rightly and slowly.
    • Push back powerfully, slowly bending your knees, and bring back knees to a straight position slowly.
    • Never rush as it can result in injuries.
    • Repeat the exercise for 20 minutes with required breaks, and sets of 10 or 20 would do the purpose.
    • Proper rowing machine usage helps in burning above 10 calories per minute.

treadmills - best machine to burn belly fat

Everyone would be familiar with this word and this machine. The treadmill has been in the gyms for years and still the basic amenity in any gym outlet and is one of the best equipment for any fat burning in the cardio machine section. It pumps up heart rate and also helps in burning carbohydrates.

    • Start with slow speed and change inclination and speed rate in intervals of 4 for 5 minutes.
    • Keep up a moderate heart rate, and don’t push up so quickly as moderate heart rates help fat burning more than fast ones.
    • Keep proper intervals and cooling time to bring back heart rate to normal as per capability.
    • Afterburn effects – excess oxygen consumption post-exercise is to be considered, and take enough rest period at intervals.
    • Treadmill machine exercise for belly fat burning requires a total time of 30 to 40 minutes daily to be effective in all senses.
    • It helps in burning nearly 15 to 17 calories per minute.

elliptical trainer

Elliptical trainer proves to be an essential gym machine to lose belly fat. It provides the same effect of a treadmill exercise anyhow in an advanced method.

    • It is the same as a treadmill machine but known as a knee saver, and you will experience reduced stress on joints with an elliptical trainer.
    • Start the exercise with slow speed for warming up and then increase the speed gradually.
    • Use the same method as in treadmill that includes keeping proper intervals and cooling time to bring back heart rate to normal as per capability.
    • Grab the arms on machine arm rails with slight pressure to get better results of the workout.
    • Alternate levels of stride, speed, and resistance.
    • The elliptical trainer helps in burning nearly 13 calories per minute.

fan bike

This one is the most updated and intense exercise machine for belly fat reduction. It seems to be similar in shape to an elliptical trainer or stationary bike. But it consists of a fan and works on wind resistance along with required pressure on pedals and handles, making it an intense workout machine.

    • Intense workout as both hands and leg pedals are necessary to move it.
    • Workout for 10 to 12 seconds and take a long break of 1 minute as this one is intense.
    • 10 to 15-minute daily duration workout with intervals, as mentioned above, would provide impressive results in belly fat burning.
    • It is not recommended as the most required one if you possess a rowing machine, treadmill, and elliptical trainer.
    • This one is the most rated equipment as it provides intense workouts, and procurement can be based on personal choice if you are interested in intense workouts.


This is another common exercise machine to lose belly fat and helps build your leg muscles. If you are ready to practice this method as a daily routine, results are guaranteed.

  • Perfect exercise for leg raises.
  • Continue the exercise with perfect balance and try to keep a 90-degree angle of legs.
  • Don’t swing your legs and maintain control.
  • Take care of your back portion, not to get hit or hurt.
  • You can do this without a machine with parallel bars, but we would recommend the machine method as fewer chances of getting hurt.
  • If practicing without the machine, use parallel bars or dip stations and try hanging leg raises with utmost care.


situp bench

Sit-ups are unavoidable for abdomen fat burning. Anyhow doing the same in-home surroundings is unsafe and nonprofessional. Gyms provide sit-up benches as the best machine to burn belly fat. It is a nightmare for many to have sit-ups, but they are unavoidable in the belly fat reduction process.

  • The best exercise machine to lose belly fat and toning of abdomen muscles.
  • Keeps your legs in an appropriate position and make sure your back doesn’t hurt.
  • Practice in sets of 5 for beginners and then increase gradually.
  • If you are a beginner and worried about its difficulties, you can take the instructor’s support.
  • It is highly recommended for your Rectus abdominal muscle strengthening.


These are not direct belly fat burning machines. But gym machines for the stomach alone cannot win the battle. Resistance machines are whole body workout machines that help bring lean tissues, which indirectly helps in belly fat burning. You can go for some of the resistance machines used in gyms are listed down below:

  • Shoulder, Leg, and Chest press.
  • Biceps and Leg curls.
  • Triceps extension.


You can use these machines in the gym for more abdominal muscles, and they don’t directly affect belly fat burning. It is not essential to have such an exercise machine to lose belly fat. These include modes for abdominal muscles and total body workout, which would somewhat help the entire process. Home workouts would be sufficient enough rather than getting onto an AB machine.

Methods to Tone Stomach Efficiently at Gym

We have discussed various exercises that would help in belly fat burning. We also have covered the best exercise machines to lose belly fat. Anyhow is it enough to have the best workout machine to lose belly fat? Would that fulfill every tick box required? You should be aware of the best methods to tone your stomach efficiently at the gym, even if you possess all those machines with you. Along with working out on the machines mentioned above, the following gym workout methods would help you tone your stomach resulting in good-looking six-pack abs.

what exercise machine burn the most belly fat

  1. Hanging Leg Lifts:

    If you have practiced vertical leg lifts, this one would seem to be similar. It is an expert level leg lift where you can keep the legs parallel after hanging. Get a bar to hang, do the vertical leg lift, and try to keep your legs parallel. This one is best for your hip muscles and abdominal muscles.

  2. AB Wheel Rollouts: 

    This one is done using AB wheels, where you stretch out rolling the same. The abdominal muscles will face stress to keep your back upright. 

  3. Sliding Knee Tucks:

    Get to your common push up plank position and pause. Now instead of taking a push up, slide your knee forward and backward. You can use a grip on the toe to avoid slippage.

  4. Sit-ups and Crunches:

    If you need an attractive Six pack, strictly don’t ever avoid sit-ups and crunches. Get your mat, lie down, bend your knee, and start moving forward, keeping knee without bending. This is the fundamental rule for belly fat reduction and abs making.

  5. V Ups:

    The most entertaining one is certainly V ups. In this exercise, we are just using our hands and legs indirectly to stress our abdominal muscles.

  6. Bicycle Crunches:

    Crunches are unavoidable and do varieties in it. Simple crunch made slightly variable with a 90-degree rise of one leg sums up bicycle crunch.

  7. Half Getups:

    Like Turkish getups, where you can do the getups with weight is kept in one hand.

  8. Planks:

    Another one basic exercise after sit-ups and crunches. You can do any variety for sudden effectiveness.

  9. Ball mountains climber:

    It would be best if you had a stability ball with you. Now balance your arms on the ball in the push-up position. Then start moving like an imaginary mountain climber.

  10. Squats:

    Primary exercise mode, which has been the bible of beginners at the gym. Stand still, bend your hips and start your squats.

Start Working out Today

We believe the above information has helped you to start working off today itself. When you own a machine of your needs, you can never be lazy.  Try to keep aside at least one hour for daily exercise, and it would undoubtedly gift you a fit body. The way to success is on your doors – just act wisely and never ever settle for less. Great people are never known for aiming low because aiming low is a crime.

Please select the most suitable exercise machine to lose your belly fat and start working out from the first day itself!


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