10 Best Cable Chest Workout Exercises for A Massive Chest

cable chest exercises

For all the gym lovers out there, one question would be lingering in their minds all the time. When will I build up my chest massively? Building up your chest muscles is a matter of confidence plus a boost to overall body appearance. Firm Chest makes you look better, and working out for the same is worth your single penny. Here comes the relevance of cable chest workout. Some would be feeling hard or tensed to start on a cable chest workout. Many even believe cable chest exercises, including chest pulley exercises, are dangerous.

Misconceptions and stereotypes should be avoided and ignored to start on cable chest workout on your gym floor. Cable chest exercises are even better than bench exercises where you have to pull up loads of weight. In fact, cable chest workout seems safer than lifting weights, so be cheerful to start doing it.

If you want to possess a well-built chest, no shortcuts are available, get on the gym floor, pick a chest pull machine, and start practicing enough cable machine chest exercises. Here in this, we are going to lead you through different types of cable chest exercise and their advantages. So let us dig deep into the topic.


Benefits of Cable Machine Chest Workout

So before getting into the cable chest workout benefits, let us find out what does a cable chest workout means or how it is defined. It is nothing, but few isolated exercises with the help of cable resistance machines available in the gym targeted just on the chest muscles. We can specifically call it isolation chest cable crossover too.

As said, these are isolation exercises and aimed at building up a single part of your body, i.e., your chest area. Here we don’t mean building up the weight and torturing your chest region. The real ideology is to gradually grow your specific chest region using a wise selection of required cable chest exercises and cable chest pull.

The primary sense is never to add up weight to tune up the muscles. They are also performed on cable chest crossover machines on the gym floor, and supervision of an expert gym trainer is recommended rather than single-handedly experimenting on the floor.

Anyhow, there are plenty of benefits to using cable chest workout compared to other primitive styles of chest building. Let us find out those benefits of cable chest workout:

  • Continuous Improvement:

It might be a confusing word, and you would be guessing about its validity. Does that mean you have to go on an entire year doing these exercises for continuity? Certainly Not. For understanding this advantage, let us talk a little technically.

The muscles in your chest area are technically called Pectoral muscles. Whenever you do something challenging workout, targeting the chest area, the pectoral muscles are getting strained in the process. But they are impulsive in nature as when you remove the weight workout from the bench, and pectoral muscles are flexed back. As you do anything impulsive, it means something that acts in enormous amounts for a short time won’t give perfect results.

So to reach our goal of expected targets, you would have to practice Cable Chest Workout. The resistance of the cable is used here so that the pectoral muscles are always tensed. They are continuously stained during cable chest workout due to the resistance of the cable. This would help us to build up the pectoral muscles to the expected style.

  • Advantage of Varying Positions:

The most significant benefit of using cable chest pulls and crossovers are that they can be altered to any position. Also, whenever you change them, it acts upon the pectoral muscles of different areas.

For example, if you have to strain your bottom and top pectoral chest muscles, you can use the cable in up to down movement. At the same time, doing the cable chest workout sideways helps in the growing inner chest area.

So as you go on varying the positions, every part of pectoral muscles differs, contributing to the region’s overall growth. Also, the facility to change the positions – cross overs, sideways, top to bottom, inclined, etc. provides you with a fun time. It makes sure that the chest workouts using cables are never-ending up in boredom.

  • Safety:

Many of you would be worried that cable chest pulls are dangerous, and the chances of hurting you are high. But this fear-mongering is absurd, and facts would prove the same. In fact, the risk factor is low compared to lifting huge weights on the bench.

Here we use cables’ tension, and this resistance is in our control compared to other exercises. The weights that we add up are well balanced and less compared to others.

Also, adjustable resistance is another benefit so that you can start with lighter versions and then pick up the momentum. Gradually increasing the resistance would also help to drive away such fears of getting hurt. So keep away such worries and enjoy your cable chest workout for better chest structure.


10 Best Cable Chest Exercises

If you have gone through resources to find out the best cable chest workout postures, you would be familiar with the diversity. Plenty of resources are available where you can find different types of exercises that are mentioned for creating a good chest structure. None of those cable chest exercises are wrong, but we would like to pick up the best among them. Here we provide you with the best 10 cable chest exercises that are ensured to deliver good results.

1. The Best – Stressed Iron Cross Over:

Cross overs are the best part of any cable chest workout. Here we follow a declined bottom press of the cables in a crossed fashion. Whenever you do the same, the top pectoral muscles are stressed and squeezed. This is one of the best exercises for building up pectoral chest muscles focused on the top region.

Anyhow, Iron cross over is a slightly different type of cable chest exercise. Here, the basic principle is to avoid gripping the cable. We are practicing to latch the cable and are done by providing more stress on forearms and inner palm.

It would be difficult for beginners but not impossible. Start off doing the same with lighter cable tensions and make sure you don’t hurt yourself. When you have practiced well, change the tensions to normal.

This one is the best one for both your chest and biceps, thus providing a double advantage over common cross over chest cable pulley exercises. But try to maintain a slow pace rather than rushing yourself for better results.

You can practice four to five sets with eight to ten repetitions, provided you take enough intervals to avoid burnout.


2. Standing Cable Push Press:

This one can be rated as a slightly difficult one and out of the box type one. The primary function to start doing the same is to get a good foundation. It is equal to a bench press where you put up more weights.

The amount of weight entering this cable chest exercise would be high compared to all other mentioned chest exercises. So getting a good foundation is essential. Also, some people use a one-foot front posture for a better foundation, which is legitimate.

Now the press is done, and you will find that it helps both the hands and chest together. Also, it acts upon the chest with more weight making it, most challenging among all others in the list.

Anyhow the roots may be better, but indeed the fruits are not. Fruitful results would make up your mind if you are ready to practice three to four sets with six to ten repetitions daily.


3. V-Taper or High Pulley Cable Chest Fly:

Whenever you go through cable chest exercises, ‘fly’ would be a term seen everywhere. It is commonly used as we practice a flying posture while pulling the cables.

High Pulley cable chest fly is commonly done by bodybuilders to make the inner or center region look eminent. Technically it is called v-taper building exercise.

Here we pull the cables sideways and not in the top to bottom mode. As we practice the session sideways, the term ‘fly’ is used.

A four to five-set compilation with eight to ten repetitions would do the job.


4. Most Efficient – Seated Incline Cable Fly:

This is another fly type – cable chest exercise that is found to be more efficient than normal ones. This one provides a perfect stretch and contraction. It also ensures the growth of both top and middle chest pectoral muscles.

Seated incline cable fly – chest exercise is done in a seated position with upright posture. Make yourself comfortable before starting the same.

Five to Six sets with eleven to fourteen repetitions would be useful, and don’t mind reducing these values to your limits if you are a beginner.


5. Close Grip Underhand Rise:

Basically, this one seems to be an arm focused exercise. But a small variation can make it an isolated chest cable exercise with excellent results. Here we bring down the cables below the abdomen and then raise till chest, making sure you don’t provide a high amount of stress on the hands.

Use your chest area to lift up and down rather than draining down full energy to hands. Also, keep the elbow straight and arms closer to your body. If you keep the arms wiser, the effect would be on biceps and arms. So to make it worthy cable chest exercise, keep them straight and closer.

Four to five sets with ten repetitions would be sufficient enough, and we recommend this as a farewell exercise to your chest sessions.


6. Chest Support Fly:

Another massive chest building exercise. Here we provide support to the abdomen and lower chest region and then pullover. The posture is entirely different and would seem to be awkward on the first try. But as you progress, this one would feel out to be the most entertaining and worthy movement.

The best part is that the weight you pull over would be high, and it would also help both arm and shoulder muscles. But make sure you don’t hurt yourself, and the support you provide is good enough. If it is not good enough support, you are going to hit the floor hard along with fractures to your shoulder. But such worries shouldn’t keep you away from this masterstroke.

Initially, keep the reps and sets low for this movement as it is not a conventional type of cable chest workout.


7. Cable Pullovers for Massive Chest and Back:

Make sure you rest your back on a suitable surface before starting the same. The pullovers are hard, but surely not bad. They are ideal for both your chest and back muscles.

In other words, cable pullovers are wholesome packages where arms, back, and chest muscles are equally strained and stressed. Pulling over the cable to the center is recommended in earlier stages. After getting pro, you can shift the pullovers to left and right so that both sides are pumped well to have a massive chest.

Anyhow keep the repetitions and sets low initially and then gradually increase them.


8. Cable Close Press:

Cable close press is another non-conventional mode of a cable chest exercise, which is both fun and stressful. You will have to take an inclined sitting position or upright one. Then close the hands and grip the cables.

Now you don’t have to move in the top to bottom or sideways but from to back. Moving front to back makes it entirely different and unique. At the same time, it also provides enough stress to your pectoral muscles helping in your long run for a massive chest build-up.

Who doesn’t love a chance to drive away your boredom, and for such gym lovers, cable close press would end up as a pleasing solution.


9. Incline and Decline Cable Press:

The tension on the cables throughout this exercise would make you feel the power of resistance. Anyhow this one is a simple movement in all gyms that can be considered as basic chest workout.

Here we lie upon a bench and pull the cables slightly inclined, making it different from the common cable fly. This one is best for building the top side pectoral muscles along with arm muscles.

If you are giving more sets and reps to this movement, it would be fine as this is the basic one among all others on the list. We would recommend seven to nine sets with 14 to 16 repetitions.

Anyhow make sure the right intervals are maintained to avoid muscle fatigue. But reducing the sets and reps are perfect if you are a beginner. Slow and steady always wins the race.


10. High And Low Fly Combo Workout:

These isolated chest exercises are done for a massive chest. As you end up your daily cable chest machine exercises, ending up it in style would matter. It would make you feel it satisfies, and so practicing a combo would be the right choice.

Here we create a good foundation in a standing position. Then ten are done to the bottom and another ten to the top, making it a combo of high and low cable fly. This is a perfect farewell to a monotonous workout session with fair results to the body.

But don’t rush to make it end; keep a steady pace, and increase the sets and repetitions. It doesn’t even matter if you are increasing the reps to twenty if this one is the curtain closer to your cable chest workout daily session.



Rome was not built in a day, neither your dream of a massive chest would be. It would take prolonged hard work and determination to win this battle. Anyhow what matters is the strength of your mind not to quit even in harsh times.

We have provided you with the best chest cable exercises available and would like to hear from you to know whether we have missed out on any. Please provide your feedback so that we can improve. Also, don’t forget to take assistance from a gym trainer if you are hitting the gym for the first time in your life. We wish this article would help you in building up your health.

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