How to Lose Calf Fat Fast? 10 Best Exercises for Perfect Calves

How to get rid of calf fat fast

Slim and beautiful calves that make everyone observe when you walk around! This is a dream for many of us and not at all unavoidable for beauty conscious lovers out there. How to lose your calf fat? How to slim your calves? If you are looking out for answers to such questions, here we are on your service. This article talks about the tricks and ideas to make your calves look smaller and beautiful. It is not later to start losing your calf fat if you are ready to work on what we say below.


Causes of Calf Fat

So as the proverb says, first thing first to start with anything in life. There is no use in beating around the bush if you have no idea what you are looking for. We always start from the root of the problem, so let us begin from the causes of the fat calf. What makes your calves and thighs look big? How to lose calf and thigh fat? The solution is available if you know what is in our control and what is out of control. The causes of calf and thigh fats are mentioned below:

  • Genetics and Hereditary:

Before you start hating yourself, let us assume that some things are not at all your problem alone. Everything in this world is related to their parents and how parents do, so shall be the offspring.

Genes are not at all in our control and so if your family history possesses big thighs and calves, stop making yourself depressed. In many cases, the calves are bigger, and you put up on weight just because you are genetically engineered. But it is not all worrisome, and working on reducing them will surely help you out.

  • Food habits:

If you are gaining weight, let it be anywhere around your body parts; first, start doubting what you take inside. Food habits are directly proportional to your weight and increased calves and thigh muscles.

Calves would look weird if you do not control your diet, especially if you take in more carbohydrates. We would request you to self-analyze the amount of food that perfectly split up carbohydrates and fats consumption.

  • Lifestyle:

Ah! Hard to say, but if you are not at all disciplined, goes on with the wind, enjoys without the limits, you would end up with bigger thighs and calves. The exception would be there, but ninety percent of increased calf fat is just due to weak habits that you follow.

So for reducing your calves size, be ready to change your lifestyle, and stay disciplined. If you are sedentary most of the time, start moving. Start hitting gyms and get enough exercise to keep yourself active.

Also, avoid sitting cross-legged as that habit again proves to be wrong. In short sedentary nature in life makes you more weight, but it would be better for your thighs and calves if you are ready to move.


How to Get Rid of Calf Fat Fast

As we have found out the causes for big calves and thighs, let us start working on the subject. It is not at all an impossible task to reduce your calves. If you are ready to spend enough time on some calf fat exercises, you can quickly get rid of calf fat.

Anyhow, it needs patience, and sometimes how to lose calf fat in 2 weeks or three or four weeks would be the final question if you start procrastinating. So be determined enough to follow the exercises and all other points that we list out for calves fat reduction in 1 week.

Now let us quickly peep into 10 calf reduction exercises that would help you to get faster results.


1. Running:

How to slim calves

Nothing soothes down your body like a running or walking exercise. Have you ever thought about why our ancestors were strong enough? Just because they had to run and walk so hardly.

So get your shoes ready and start running. In other terms, endurance running is better, which means effort matters rather than speed. Slight joggings and warm-up runs are better than speedy 100m races.

So walk and run more even if you are using a treadmill for the same. Setting adequate inclination levels would be more efficient than usual running as they provide a combined effect of climbing and running.


2. Climbing:

Calf weight lose

No. Don’t get confused. It doesn’t mean climbing up a mountain. This one is purely homemade, and maybe office made too. All of us love to use lifts to get on multistory buildings. This is the time to leave up that craze and let us take the stairs.

Climbing is just climbing up the stairs, and studies say there is no other exercise as pleasing as climbing stairs to reduce calf muscles. It also helps in making your leg and knees stronger.

Stairs are not at all essential for doing this one as many climbing equipments are available on gym floors. So you can even practice climbing in gyms, and we offer a 100 percent guaranteed result for this one.


3. Bending Down:

how to slim calf with bend exercise

Have you ever heard the best exercise for the heart? It is just bending down and touching your feet. This is also helpful to lose calf fat as it also provides pressure on calf muscles.

So start bending down and touch your feet. If possible, take the fingers under feet so that you reach extreme calorie-burning mode. Extra benefits of cardio exercise if you do enough repetitions of this exercise.


4. Calf Stretch:

Put hands on a wall and stretch your calves. It seems to be an easy one, but it won’t be so. After enough repetitions, you would find this one burning up your calories at leg muscles.


5. Skater Hops:

Another Interesting movement that would certainly help you in losing calf fat plus make your workout session funny. It is similar to old hop games that we play in our childhood where you stand on one leg and hop.

Here we slightly bend forward and make up a running posture. Then we repeat the steps. First, hop on your right leg and then left and then repeat alternatively.

Simple exercise but sometimes simpler ones make out better results. This is also the same scenario where the whole body gets a refreshing mood alongside losing your calf fat.


6. Standing Calf Raises:

Standing calf fat is a beautiful and straightforward exercise that would feel like a primary training section of a dance school. Toes are the keys to burn your calves fat, and so the key is used here.

Get on your toes, arms on your hip, and back to position. Repeat this enough times with proper intervals. You would surely feel the pressure on your calf after a few tries.

Don’t quit saying this one seems to be funny. In fact, this funny dance mode movement is the best among all tips to keep them look small. You won’t regret sticking on to the silly one when you see them looking at your legs.


7. Seated Calf Raises:

The position change is essential for any exercise; else, you end up in boredom. So here we change out the standing calf raises to a new style.

In other words, little hardcore mode of simples calf raise. Get a sit, feel yourself comfortable. Now get some weight on your thighs, and keeping the dumbbells would serve the purpose.

Now repeat the old toe raise, and you would certainly feel more pressure on calves. Repetition of twenty with 3 or 4 sets would take away enough fat from your calf muscles.


8. Leg Squat Single:

Here, we repeat the squats in a new posture. You keep your arms straight and then raise one leg. Now you take the squats with heavy pressure on one leg. Also, repeat the exercise with the alternate leg.


9. Sumo Squats:

If you are doing squats, you know it is funny but boring. But it gets hard when you start holding on to a weight free-hanging during the process. It becomes an extreme squat and the best exercise to lose calf fat.


10. Jump Squats:

Squats are the essential exercise whenever you hit a gym and can be done anywhere. This one is good for losing calf fat too. So keep on practicing squats as they never miss out on providing good results.


The exercises mentioned above are certainly going to help you in losing calf fat. But also keep an eye on your diet. Always maintain a balanced diet and avoid excess carbohydrates and fats in your diet. Also, avoid late-night eating and irregular sleeping patterns. The key is to maintain discipline and grow gradually. So don’t go for intense workouts and get burned out both physically and mentally. Keep a rhythm in your exercise pattern to lose calf fat.


We believe this article has helped you in finding out how to lose calf fat. If we have missed out on something, please be open to us and contact us. Your valuable suggestions will undoubtedly help us to improve. We wish you all the best in your endeavor to possess perfect calves.

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