How to Stop Snoring Immediately – Best Solutions for your Snoring

stop snoring immediately

Snoring has always been a nightmare for all, as it acts as a villain in your life and relationships. Everyone snores for different reasons. So it is better to understand more about snoring and its solutions. So the question is simple – How to stop your snoring habit? To find out an answer, let us dig deep into the subject.


If you are regularly snoring, it is nothing to worry about as it occasionally happens in every human life. Sleep quality would be hindered with regular snoring habits leading to tiredness, fatigue, health, and relationship issues.


Why Do You Snore?

The first and foremost thing to understand is that why you snore? What is the cause of bad snoring in adults? Snoring is nothing else vibration of the soft, loose tissue in the throat area when air passes through it due to a blockage. It is the basic result of the difficulty in air passage through the nose and throat. 

But the reasons for the same would be different. It is nothing to worry about and is perfectly Ok to snore. But knowing the causes and how to stop snoring is always useful for quality of life.

Causes of Snoring


Snoring can be due to various reasons, and finding out the same won’t be so easy. Below given are base reasons for your snoring habit :

  • Age and Gender
  • Sleeping Habits
  • Lifestyle Disorders
  • Nasal Problems

Age and Gender:
Do your Age and Gender contribute to your storing habit? Of course, it does. As you grew older, something that you can’t resist as it is a natural process, the throat passage gets narrower, creating difficulties in the air passage., Also, the throat cells get a little bit weak and smooth leading to further changes in adults.

But how do gender effects snoring? Researches prove Gents snore more than ladies? It is just because the male throat system is created narrower than the female one. So it is common to have more snoring issues in the male population.

snoring in adults

Sleeping Habits:
Do you sleep on your back? Get ready to face bad snoring. It has been proven that bad sleeping habits lead to bad snoring. The sleeping habits include late sleep, lack of sleep, sleeping posture – sleeping on back and stomach, etc.

If you have a habit of alcohol consumption before bed, avoid it or try to reduce it. This can be one of the main reasons for your snoring.

Lifestyle Disorders:
Life needs to have discipline. If you lack proper exercise, overweight issues, smoking habits, and alcohol love – snoring would be your companion.

Nasal Problems:
This one would be a rare case, but it is not at all negligible. Sometimes your nasal structure may be defective from birth, and doctor supervision is essential to understand it.

How to Stop Snoring?


While trying to eliminate your snoring issues, all causes mentioned earlier should be taken into the limelight. If we can control these causes, it is also easy to stop snoring. General tips to avoid snoring are given below:

  • Throat exercises, sleeping habits, and lifestyle changes will help you to stop snoring.
  • Avoid Usage of Alcohol or at least try to reduce consumption.
  • Bedtime Alcohol consumption should be completely avoided.
  • The smoking habit needs a full stop.
  • Daily exercise to stay fit and stay away from obesity.
  • If you are overweight, soon start exercising to maintain your physique.
  • Avoid Sleeping on your back or your stomach.
  • Use a sideways sleeping position, and it is better to increase the head lift while sleeping by a few inches.

Anti Snoring Devices

In the market, solutions for any issue are found, and snoring is not an excuse. Wide ranges of products are available for controlling the snoring problem, but very few are technically and medically certified. Many of them are less effective too. Anyhow, we would recommend some ideas that might be effective for you.


Nasal Strips:

These strips are used to improve the space in the nasal area so that better airflow is provided. It is not found effective in all cases but can be worth a try.

snoring aids

CPAP – Continuous Positive Airway Pressure:

As the name suggests, it is a simple device that is used for airflow. You will be wearing a mask in which pressurized air is provided for opening up nasal passages. Find one in the market and try the effectiveness.

Palatal Implants or Pillar Procedure:

Rather than a device, this can be called minor surgery. You should go for this one with a doctor’s prescription only and also if you are suffering low cases of sleep apnea.

Small implants are attached to the soft palate tissues of the nasal passage to treat snoring. Plastic implants used are nearly 18mm in length and 1.5 mm in dia. The palate tissues get ready after surgery and cause less vibration.

Dental Mouthpiece:

They are oral appliances used to keep air passages open, helping in better breathing and less snoring.

snoring mouth guard

Tennis Ball Technique: 

The no investment plan to stop your snoring issue is here. As mentioned earlier, the reason for your snoring habit would be a bad sleeping posture, and sleeping sideways can be the solution.

But breaking a habit is difficult, and so is changing the sleeping style. Just use a tennis ball on the back so that the irritation caused will bring you back to sleeping on the side position. It can be done using any other obstacle along with wedge support.

Steam Inhalers:

You would be snoring due to a stuffy nose also. Steam inhalers are a better option to clear stuffy nasal passages. But one has to be careful because burn using steam is much more severe than burns from boiled water.

Medical Treatments for Snoring


What if the self-help tips and snoring stopper devices don’t help? What if you are still snoring? It is a modern era, and medical treatments are available to solve the issues. Just make what treatment suits you with a doctor’s appointment. The below mentioned are snoring treatments available at present:

  • LAUP – Laser-Assisted Uvulopalatoplasty: 

    Although the name seems to be disturbing, it isn’t much worrisome. The uvula is the long dangling one at the back of the mouth. In this surgery, the uvula is shortened, and nearby soft palate tissue is cut using the laser technique. After healing, the tissue gets stiffened, and the vibration is reduced.

  • MMA – Maxillo Mandibular Advancement: 

    A surgical process on your jaws. The upper jaw Maxilla and lower one mandible are adjusted for better air passage.

  • Somnoplasty: 

    This one is similar to the LAUP process, and the only difference is the usage of radiofrequency waves instead of Laser for the surgery.

  • Septoplasty:

    It is done to improve issues related to the nose and for better air passage through the nose. The bones and tissue of the center nose are aligned through this method.

  • TAP – Thermal Ablation Palatoplasty: 

    Another method used to increase the size of your airways surgically by removing tissues. Electric Current is the medium used in these sets of procedures.

Snoring in Children


Affect of snoring in children

Sleep is the foremost important factor in a child’s life, and if snoring obstructs the smooth sleeping of your child, then it is a matter of concern. Commonly snoring difficulties are more in gents and rare in children. Mild snoring symptoms once or twice a week can be neglected. Anyhow if it leads to sleep apnea or obstructive breathing, immediately consult a doctor.

Causes of excessive snoring in children may be different. It would have a wide range of reasons like congestion due to cold, obesity, swollen tonsils, swollen adenoids, exposure to tobacco smoke, low air quality, or even bad breastfeeding habits. As sleeping is necessary for children, better consult a doctor if your child shows frequent snoring as soon as possible.

Do Women Snore?

Here comes the million-dollar question – Do women snore? Many ladies around there think snoring is a gigantic sin and depicts a male’s image when heavy snorer imaginations are done. Stereotyping is completely unfair, and the answer yes, women do snore.

We have explained before that male anatomy has narrower air passages leading to increased snoring chances. The causes of snoring in women would be due to age. After your 40’s, you are prone to snoring issues. Also, after Menopause period, women have the same chance as a male to start snoring. Sleep apnea disorders and pregnancy can also contribute to snoring in women.

Snoring during Pregnancy

The stereotypical view that only men snore is to be given up from minds. Studies prove pregnant ladies face snoring issues and even gets into depression due to this small problem. Snoring during pregnancy time is common and happens just due to the pregnancy hormones produced.

Pregnancy hormones make your nasal membranes swell, leading to nasal congestions. Also, excessive weight gained during this period contributes to snoring. Gestational diabetes can also be a cause for snoring in pregnant women. Consult a doctor if it obstructs your sleep as health during pregnancy is important for both the child and the mother.

Snoring and Relationships

how to not snore

Losing relationships just because you snore is not fair enough in life. Snoring is just like a common cold or fever and can be struck off if you are willing to work on it. Anyhow, relationships will be affected in one way or another in certain cases. Patching up relationships would be hard, and so be ready to solve it as soon as possible.


The basic rule to avoid the same is open communication. Talk with your partner regarding the issue and prove it can be solved. Keep the conversations light and humorous. Meanwhile, try separate rooms for sleep if required, but it should not bridge the gap mentally and physically. If you are making an effort to solve your snoring issue, you are on a positive route, which is better than doing nothing.


5 Ways to Stop Snoring

Here you can check out the video by Aris Iatridis, M.D., a sleep medicine specialist at Piedmont.

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